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Robin's Egg Blue
I wondered if you could see the
perfect robin’s egg blue of the sky;
this was the color of breath hitched
upon the sunlight as it crept behind the horizon.
For a second, I had caught this moment
in the fog of my hands cupped,
curled fingers pressing the coldness
to my lips -
and you, my love,
are a cloud,
gilded with the edge of spring
still dancing beyond my fingertips
and still warm inside my heart.
I watched the dayglow fade
its touch upon my face,
and as I went back inside I exhaled.
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 16 6
How to Train Your Imagination :iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 10 3
Flower Girl
I could be picking petals off flowers:
“He loves me,
he loves me,
he loves me…”
It’s not even a question anymore,
not even a wish,
and the petals fall like pebbles,
facts that land with solidity sound.
“He loves me.”
The thought,
the sound,
bounces off my lips
and prisms hope into my heart,
and forget-me-nots bloom
where the daydreams land.
“He loves me.”
I have taken root
in the heart of another,
and he has taken root in mine,
and we are bound by the unseen Force
that led us to each other.
“He loves me.”
These petals are not lifeless;
they do not fall and die.
They trail behind me,
drops of joy in my wake.
“He loves me.”
Three simple words
water, sunlight, repeat,
repeat, repeat, repeat…
“He loves me.”
He is the sunshine I turn to,
the warmth on my face.
“He loves me.”
Love always grows.
“I love him too.”
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 18 13
Let’s throw some essentials into the trunk of the car
(and forget some more at home)
and drive until we can’t remember where we are.
Let’s go to Disney World
or Hawaii
or California
or Bolivia
or Rome
or Germany
or Nepal
or all of the above,
see the auroras dancing in Iceland’s winter skies,
wonder at the wanderers on the African plains,
smile over local brews at a pub in Ireland,
pale before the majesty of Vatican City.
Let’s explore the hidden trails
of a local park,
that are made more beautiful
only when they are shared with you.
Let’s turn our wishes into airplane wings
and watch the world from 35,000 feet high,
see it turn below us and rush behind us,
and think that if we were just going a bit faster
the stars would be ours.
And for that matter…
Let’s stargaze,
sprawl on a blanket and stare at the endless
until we can feel it
prickling at our skin,
inviting in dreams of eternity and grandeur
and the blades of grass might just be mete
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 13 6
My Melody
I used to drive with the windows up
and my stereo blaring,
stuffing guitar riffs and catchy lyrics
into my ears to drown out the world as it blurred by in the rearview.
I used to sing along,
serenade my steering wheel –
an audience of one –
picking out the harmonies, the details I could only hear
at 60 miles an hour,
and the road noise was my only chorus.
I used to plug in my headphones,
intravenous symphonies
playing for only me to hear,
and I couldn’t hear the birds
or the world
or the stars
or the sun,
but my own song running through my head.
a duet is a dance,
and you put light in my feet,
and feathers in my heart,
and smiles in my eyes.
We are singing now,
I the harmony,
freely flowing and splashing color into the staff,
the melody that you began.
Our voices are windchimes,
laughing on the breeze
that breathes legato through our souls,
and we find the beauty of two notes
at once.
You play on repeat in my head,
and on Bluetooth in my car,
and in whispers
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 10 3
Tomorrow Is Never soon Enough
Sunrise is a certainty.
The constant waits beneath the Earth,
as we spin thoughts into the stars
and stare awake at our dreams
flashing by in the neurons of nebulae.
Our luminescent longing burns inside us,
and each moment births another memory
that glows and grows
and waits to reach our eyes
eight minutes and twenty seconds in the future
plus the moonlit hours in between.
Thoughts travel at the speed of light,
our souls singing cosmic songs in harmony,
and for them, time is a whim,
bent to swirl into infinity in a heartbeat.
But for us,
there is the breadth of the nighttime
and the five hundred lonely miles
and the five seconds before you answer your phone
before our voices touch again.
Sunrise can’t come soon enough.
But for now,
we will glide on hope-rays and thought-beams
and land our light in each other’s hearts,
ready for day to break again.
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 10 7
Autumn Again
i. Autumn
The leaves are just starting to turn –
someone has been tattooing them,
highlighting their silhouettes
with goldenrod,
and gossamer dew pearls
hang in the grass in the early morning.
We can feel the frost framing our days,
the hint of it in our cups of tea
and in our scarves draped over sweatshirts
(it’s not quite cold enough for a coat yet),
and in the musk of the understory and the fireplaces  
that fill our lungs and
we exhale this out into the night and
we form nebulae with the water vapor in our breath.
And when the first echoes of shivers
start to blur our outlines,
we snuggle, sweater to sweater,
and dream of the blushing trees.
ii. Winter
These are the shortest days;
We wake well before the sun has even whispered along the horizon,
and rest long after it has slipped back into somnolence,
and the pale skies are wishing they could bask in daylight,
and they are bleakly blue,
heavy-lidded and laden with snow
that blows, blustery,
and we watch fro
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 54 34
Hope is the Thing With Feathers
Flying is a risky business.
We rely on aluminum and alloys and carbon fibers
and the fail-safes of physics
to keep us afloat,
and all the while
we are sitting, suspended
on potential energy and the providence of the pilots.
Not to mention the security lines
and the baggage claims
and those chairs that are either very comfy or the worst things ever – I can’t decide which
and the overpriced food
and the turbulence that makes you forget
where your stomach actually is.
And for 60% of the flight,
we are falling,
on this controlled descent,
tiptoeing back to solid ground,
trying to touch down with all the grace of a 110,000-pound ballerina,
praying she doesn’t trip and fall.
But I know we’ll be okay.
We have wings of our own –
our hearts are lambently light,
and sometimes I think I’ll fly on love alone,
and if I fall, it will be down into your soft embrace,
the best kind of falling,
the floating freely,
with nothing but the stars whispering in my eyes,
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 5 2
Your towel
next to mine
in the bathroom…
my parents were using my shower
because theirs is broken,
but they took their towels
to leave ours together.
You driving,
watching the road
and holding my hand…
it wasn’t your car because
yours had a dent from a deer that hit you
and your parents’ SUV was newer anyway,
but I liked the way you fit into the driver’s seat.
Us standing
in the middle of the kitchen,
as I snuggle you from behind…
it was your parents’ kitchen,
nicely remodeled,
and I burned a pizza box in the oven the next day,
but it was the perfect setting for me to give you your birthday present.
Us walking
through a supermarket
looking for snacks…
we were planning a movie night
instead of going to a play
and I ended up being too content and too sleepy to eat anything anyway,
but I was with you, moseying among the aisles.
Us traveling,
you showing me the views
and us stopping at a welcome center…
we didn’t go far
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 13 6
Scents Memory
There is a bottle
of your shampoo; I inhale
deep as I walk by.
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 6 5
I can’t tell if we’re parallels or asymptotes but
        I know we’re cohorts on the same axis and
                I know we seem to be drifting farther apart and
                Other times we seem to be falling prey to magnetism and
                        Maybe we’re sine waves clashing and meeting and forming infinite density in an intersection that can never meet or
                        Maybe we’re some fractally intricate dancers touching uncertainties or
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 12 8
These lines run deep in me –
these multicolored weavings,
the facets shining beneath
a blanket of dust.
This striated heart,
sunkissed ore brought to the surface,
pushed and pulled
and molded and grown,
nurtured and forged
into the warmth,
the burning that pervades
the stones beneath my feet –
it beats in tune with my pulse.
I am a product of this earth;
I am a daughter of the stars.
I am rooted in this rocky ground,
and I stretch to the clouds,
and the thin air is the sweetest thing my lungs have ever tasted,
and I can smell the life that runs rampant through these hills,
and I can feel the hum
of the rivers sitting patiently below.
This is home,
and it feels like autumn trees blanketing mountains in softly burnt sunrays,
and like snowflakes that surprise you on a cold October morning,
and like my friends are more than just some people I met in a café –
we are kindred spirits, all of us.
And I am painted by these things,
a masterpiece, still in motion,
but slowi
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 9 5
​She sang.
She sang, and her voice flowed
over him,
flowered in his mind's eye,
and her words were spun with a symphony of sensation -
spider weaving her web;
quicksilver pearls hanging in the air.
The music came to life in her hands.
The hills crescendoed and fell, an arpeggioed landscape.
The joys and the delights staccatoed their smiles across her face
like so many stars.
And when the music turned
to the adagio sorrows,
the feelings flourished,
poured from her heart and her mind and and her eyes and her fingertips dancing -
she painted the sky with her soul
and the colors were hardwired to his core.
And he sang along,
felt the music in her presence,
the rush of the emotions behind the choir and the keyboard,
the vibrations that resonated
in his chest,
in the fibers of hope and love and elation and pain
that are the harmonious chords
strung in the space between.
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 13 19
The first crane was
imperfect –
the creases were crinkled,
the lines not quite parallel –
there were extra folds and
mistakes not-quite-smoothed-out
and the beak was crooked
and the tail was docked,
and the wings drooped a bit,
but it was a crane.
The second crane was
better –
this time, the wings snapped into place
and the vision was guiding
the hands
a bit more,
but the edges of the papers
still didn’t line up.
The tenth crane was
picturesque –
by now,
the movements are the tiniest hints
of muscle memory,
the square,
the base,
the upward folded diamonds,
the thinning of the neck
reminiscent of toothpick legs
wading through still water.
The hundredth crane was
routine –
the pile had begun to turn
from a flock
to a miniature mountain:
friends upon friends upon friends
with the singular buried beneath.
The five-hundredth crane was
impatient –
the reverses were sloppy,
the lines intersected,
the head had jagged jaws
and a bit
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 15 18
Galaxy Nails
She carries the stars on her fingernails –
Perseus on her thumb chasing
Cassiopeia on her index
pointing to Messier 87
on her opposite pinky.
Orion is chipping off
her ring finger a bit,
(his belt was a little too tight),
and Cygnus looks ready
to take flight after him.
She, the Sagittarius,
holds black holes in her heart.
She takes in the world,
drinks it down with cream and two sugars,
the bitter brew coalescing
until infinite density
Wisdom begets wisdom,
accretes in her brain,
and she tries to paint the layers
upon layers upon layers
of lacquer;
she taps on the tabletop,
staring into space 13.8 billion years ago.
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 10 4
White Noise
The rain is muted –
Constant –
and in this silent susurrating cacophony,
the hushed sibilant whispers,
like stars singing lullabies clouded
in my ears,
the sounds of the city
are subdued.
I think I may leave my window open
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 7 2

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my favorite smells include hotels, books (and bookstores and old libraries), freshly printed things from commercial copiers, rain, matches, and rental cars.

i hate dump trucks, useless noise, and improper grammar (but poetic license lets me play with the rules if i want to).

i believe that the best parts of any video game are the glitches.

i usually prefer any form of public or mass transportation to getting somewhere on my own.

my dream jobs include: milk truck driver, florist, and cross-country tractor trailer driver. i am, however, currently an environmental engineer.

i'm an environmentalist, facultative vegetarian, oboist, Catholic, scifi/fantasy fangirl, amateur astronomer, engineer, and science buff who occasionally writes poetry.

i never edit any of my poems beyond the time they are created. i believe that raw inspiration should not be refined; it should be beautifully presented in the manner it comes. anything else is not of the moment.

pax et bonum :heart:
It's been about a half a year since I last wrote, and I realized that a lot of big things happened between now and then... which is why I've been a bit of a ghost on here.  So shortly after I wrote that journal entry, I had an interview and subsequently got a job at an engineering firm!  I'm working close to home, so that's good.  What's even better is that about a week after I started my job, my boyfriend had a successful interview with an local branch of a global accounting firm and since the beginning of August, he's been living up here in Pennsylvania!  It's really nice to have him ten minutes away instead of ten hours... :heart:

Those are really the big things.  Other than that, I've picked up my oboe again and got a new fish tank (in which everything seems to keep dying).  It's nice to have some free time to chip away at hobbies that I've wanted to pursue for ages. :)
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